The Parish of Coulston

Coulston is the smallest of the four villages in the BECIE benefice with a total of 67 houses.

It is home to the small but beautiful church of St. Thomas à Becket.

St Thomas à Becket Church

This beautiful little church is of Norman origins and was originally dedicated to St. Andrew, but for the last 200 years it has been known as the Church of St. Thomas à Becket. Two services a month are held here.

As there is no shop or pub in the village the church and village hall combine to provide a community focus. We share harvest suppers, Christmas Bazaars, musical concerts and art exhibitions.

Church Activities

We have an ad-hoc choir which gets together for special occasions.

We host art exhibitions, concerts...

Local Amenities

The Village Hall - BA13 4PD.


The village has a strong sense that the church is important to the community.


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